How to operate small loans?

5, after approval, the two sides signed a loan contract;
Second, you can quickly apply for a loan through the home page of the loan function: if the borrower does not know how to choose the right lending institutions, borrowers can submit loans directly to apply quickly. The borrower fill in the relevant information submitted, the staff will be within 3 working days by telephone visit to understand the basic information, free of charge for the borrower credit manager recommended local normal microfinance institutions is the most appropriate, direct service for the borrower, efficient and accurate;
2, if you meet the loan requirements, it is best to prepare materials needed for the loan in advance;
First, by lending institutions to contact the credit manager: if the borrower has some understanding of the loan, according to the city and the needs of local normal screening of microfinance institutions, directly linked to the formal lending institutions Senior Credit Manager, loans without waiting.
4, the bank accepts the application, and the borrower’s loan situation review, approval;
6, bank lending;
1, make sure that you meet the loan requirements;
Finally, Xiao Bian needs to remind the borrower that the application for the loan must have a clear loan purpose, if it can provide collateral requirements in line with the bank better.
7, in accordance with the loan contract, the repayment in full and on time.
The process is as follows:
In life, many people have the demand for small loans for a variety of reasons. So, how do you make loans?
3. Submit an application to the bank and submit the prepared loan materials;

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