Which is better for network micro loan?

Spend one hundred million yuan first
When applying for loans, there are a lot of individual small loan products, small loan channels are also many, such as banks, small loan to small loan companies, small loan Internet small loan and so on, today we will talk about the most popular network of small loan, small loan network where there is?
Spend one hundred million yuan first, official propaganda says, to initial use, the user that spends one hundred million yuan to undertake borrowing first, predict examine and verify time is as fast as 5 minutes. Since the old user has been audited, it will be faster in the audit time. In the small loan APP Daquan, the first to spend one hundred million yuan, can be said to be the amount of loans and approval speed of quality products.
Take salary
Small win card loan
51 hours loan
Small win card loan audit the fastest two hours, in the current similar loans APP is relatively good. And it is understood that small win card loans for data filling true users generally no threshold, the loan through rate is very high.
Take salary salary is mainly take the official response, online audit, once approved will next morning, the general application, the afternoon will be arrival. Take the next time is paid two times a day, which is 12 points before and 18 points before the loan, if it is 16 points on the day before the application, the general will be the day of arrival, and 16 points after application, will be on the second day loan.
2017 microfinance APP ranking, 51 hours of credit is definitely regarded as superior products. The 51 hour loan fastest 5 minutes to complete the audit, 1 hours can be credited into account, from the view of efficiency, the 51 hour loan entertain speed is good. Of course, the normal should not be so fast, the second day arrival is also a rapid loan products

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