In the first half, small loans for poverty alleviation grew by more than 50%

Banking reform and development continue to advance. As of now, the province’s agricultural firms reached 77, rural credit union to administrative reform continues to increase, the central bank successfully listed in Hongkong, the county rural banks coverage reached 82%, the index of rural banks to maintain the country’s leading.
In addition, 803 enterprises in Henan banking regulatory bureau to continue to promote the province’s debt more than 50 million yuan, more than 3 banks set up the Commission on debt, debt Commission high-quality corporate loans increased 58 billion 933 million yuan over the beginning, interest relief 133 million yuan, debt commission form scale ranked the top row.
In August 8th, the reporter learned from the Henan banking regulatory bureau held in Zhengzhou in the forum, the first half of this year, the province’s banking service of the real economy, prevention and control of financial risks, deepen financial reform “of the work achieved positive results. Small and micro loans grew by 7.38% over the year, 8.01% growth in agriculture related loans, small loans for poverty alleviation growth of more than 50% financial poverty alleviation achievements of the “Lushi model” as the representative of the microfinance pilot has been replicated in the province.
Risk prevention and control work is further strengthened. In the first half, the Henan Banking Regulatory Commission actively prevent and control risks in key areas, and vigorously rectify financial chaos. The banking sector NPL ratio was 2.5%, down 0.32 percentage points from the beginning of the year. Corporate banking, financial institutions, capital adequacy ratio, core capital adequacy ratio increased by 1.6, 1.2 percentage points, respectively, and mobile coverage increased by 34.4 percentage points over the beginning of the year.
The service entity economy has been further strengthened. In the first half of the year, the province’s banking industry loans grew by 18%, higher than the national 4.89 percentage points. Among them, manufacturing loans increased 43 billion 614 million yuan over the beginning of the loan, flat glass, cement, coal and other industries respectively over the year to reduce the 213 million yuan, 26 million yuan and 4 billion 320 million yuan, to promote the effective capacity; real estate cycle to enter a reasonable interval, the strong support of the province to the inventory; the first batch of 5 billion yuan of debt to equity funds already in place, to actively support the lever; the average interest rate business loans fell by 0.35 percentage points, and vigorously promote the cost reduction.
Rectification market chaos positive results. To carry out the special management inspection, strict supervision of punishment, a powerful deterrent to banking illegal acts, the banking market chaos initial check, the bank entrusted loans declined for 3 consecutive months, the financial capital of outsourcing scale compared with the beginning of a decrease of 24 billion 970 million yuan, the banking capital origin, off the virtual reality show a positive signal.

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