Six major reasons why consumer borrowing has been turned down, you know?

High risk lines are notable for a number of common minefields that greatly affect the eventual success of the loan
If you have a gambling and other bad habit, to apply for consumer loans being rejected is very normal, no matter what loans are not willing to lend to these people, and don’t have no executive lawsuit, who in vain, lenders will give you enough trust.
When applying for a consumer loan, be sure to remember the above minefield and don’t step on it yourself. Then, who will be refused if you are not being refused a loan application?.
6 negative information
3, the use does not match
Apply for consumer loans but the actual funds for production and management, loan funds for investment in the stock market, involved in private lending, loan approval process to verify the actual use of loan funds is inconsistent, direct refusal.
If on the credit blacklist, especially the old Lai, direct refusal
The general consumer loan application threshold is low, because of the wide use of loan, and the loan is not very high, so many people will choose the loan, but when a lot of applicants for consumer loans, are often denied, then what is the reason for your loan is rejected? Next, let’s talk about consumer loans have been rejected what are the reasons, we should apply for loans, do not touch these minefields Oh!
In any form, for any reason or other, in the course of the loan, false information is found, and once it is discovered by the lending institution, it is refused directly.
1 false information
2 credit blacklist
You do not need to mortgage consumer loans, but credit requirement for you is very high, so there is a need to remember what the repayment of the timely repayment, the protection of personal credit records, usually if you have overdue loans and relatively serious, is certainly not to apply for loans, but some lenders have also allowed then a late two times, after all, the person who does not have, occasionally forget is normal.
5 overdue serious
4 high-risk line

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