Mortgage PK credit loan, who is more reliable?

From the perspective of China’s environment, mortgage loans are more in line with national conditions. Unlike the perfect social credit system in the United States, it will take a long time for China to reach a barrier free credit facility. Let’s wait and see.
The net loan investment friends on mortgage loans and credit loans differ each one sticks to his argument. Today, Xiao Bian came to these 2 categories of loans to do a detailed comparison of the pros and cons, so that we all know well, in the selection of the platform will be more professional and in line with their own investment philosophy.
Since the third party guarantee model has been a variety of criticism, the general net lending platform available business model, only credit and mortgage loans. In theory, the profit margins of credit loans are greater, and basically consistent with the future development trend of P2P net loan market, the United States mature net loan market is a kind of proof.
Also, if the borrower has a vehicle mortgage procedure at your place, you can’t borrow enough money, borrow money elsewhere, pledge the car to the other party, and then it’s overdue. This situation in the law, have the priority of repayment is the pledge of rights, unless to repay his after remaining, the next is to do the procedure, so the borrower can give a friend (or someone) an IOU, the car that can be fraud. Also in the car loan industry is also very common.
The advantages of real estate mortgage: visible, tangible, and if default occurs, you can sell property through various channels to reduce losses. This is very intuitive, very good understanding.
Mortgage: refers to the borrower to use collateral as a guarantee of loans, collateral usually include, securities, all kinds of shares, machinery and equipment, real estate, cars and so on. When the loan matures, the borrower must return it in full, otherwise the mortgagor has the right to dispose of the collateral as compensation.
If not the only housing, may involve the transfer of a series of issues such as the original tenants, and so on when the sale of money into hand, “day lily” has long been cool”. In addition, the court enforced, the process is slow, and some even delayed for several years, and the mortgage property in general, the amount is relatively large, so the platform for the funding of the test is very large. Even banks, small loan companies, Guarantee Corporation and so on, can only take the house, waiting to take legal procedures, can not be forced to immediately move out of the original tenants, this point to ask the lawyer to know. You know, “time is cost, time is money.”! Banks are doing high-quality mortgage targets, then why the banks also appear a lot of bad debts and dead debts? Really can mortgage the house, must be all kinds of credit has not raise funds, have great gap in a hurry, overdue and bad debt risk.
The car loan mortgage advantage: already in the car for the pre transfer and mortgage registration formalities, but if the maturity return vehicles also belong to the mortgagor, the right to dispose of the vehicle, the vehicle general assessment are then 2 hand vehicles of 20 percent off of the market, and the vehicle is not like real estate, sales need long judicial process, so under normal circumstances can stop.
The vehicle mortgage disadvantage: vehicle loans now pledge is relatively small, usually installed on GPS, can drive away, if the borrower owes too much money, malicious directly away from the city, and then get off the engine number, when the black car, we do not think this is rare in the car loan business, but also often some.
Credit loan: credit loan means the loan that is given by the borrower’s reputation, and the borrower does not need to provide the guarantee. Its characteristic is that the debtor does not need to provide collateral or third party guarantees, only on its own reputation can obtain loans, and the borrower’s credit as a guarantee of repayment. A bank credit card is typically a credit loan. This kind of credit loan has long been the main lending method of the Bank of china. As a result of this kind of loan way risk is bigger, generally must carry on the detailed inspection to the borrower’s economic efficiency, the management level, the development prospect and so on, in order to reduce the risk.
Real estate mortgage disadvantage: if the borrower is the only housing, the judicial interpretation can not be auctioned off.
Disadvantages: credit bank credit is not related to the P2P lending industry, collateral is not tangible, such as real estate, automobile, machinery and equipment, securities, liquidity, no matter repayment guarantee, give people the feeling is: there is no constraint, the event of default, will be at a loss what to do.
Advantages of credit loans: credit loans in the P2P industry or small loan company, the amount is not big, within the maximum 30W, is generally around 10W. Small amount of borrowing, relatively high interest rates, platform profits can cover bad debts. Without collateral, financing costs are relatively low, small, scattered, flexible, long term, easy to control risks, suitable for P2P net loan platform, do more business, “small boat” good u-turn”. If a default occurs, the processing is fast and the time cost is low. Borrowers are liable to repayment. For example, a 50 thousand of small credit loans, matching principal and interest, only more than 2000 yuan a month, the majority of family income can also be on. However, a 1 million of the list of problems, as a general family, no matter how the stage is difficult to return.
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