These factors affect mortgage rates, not to mention that you don’t know yet

For different collateral, the mortgage rate is not the same, the housing mortgage loans, mortgage rates up to 70% of residential mortgage; the highest rate of up to 60% offices and shops; the mortgage rate is up to 50% of the industrial workshop, this is the need to pay attention to the borrower before applying for a mortgage the.
Three, collateral impact factor evaluation of goods
If the borrower to apply for mortgage loans, the loan amount and the collateral goods have a certain relationship, which is a factor of a “mortgage rate”, the amount per cent between borrowers can loan to collateral. Today we are going to tell you about a few key factors that affect mortgage rates in mortgages.
In addition to the loan applicant’s credit status, loan maturity, collateral varieties, collateral valuation accuracy, etc., will also have a certain impact on mortgage collateral. Among them, the specific value of collateral is very important, generally speaking, the mortgage will have substantial depreciation, which is due to the use of wear and tear of the devaluation, wear is inevitable, lenders will be calculated according to the actual situation. Second, collateral may also experience functional devaluation, i.e., devaluation due to relatively backward technology. Sometimes, technical devaluation is an irreversible devaluation, and when the collateral has a technical function devaluation, its evaluation value will be reduced. Finally, the mortgage is the economic depreciation or appreciation, which is caused by the change of external environment depreciation or appreciation, usually affected in the same general stocks and bonds, lenders usually will compare according to the specific circumstances of the market, a kind of general debt bonds are relatively preserved well, high value and high growth stocks will be treated differently.
There are many factors that affect mortgage mortgage rates, where mortgages, banks, and other mortgage lenders have their own interests. Generally speaking, in terms of the current loan market, in accordance with international standards, the mortgage rate of domestic and foreign banks mortgage is generally around 70%, that is, 70% of the mortgage in the housing mortgage loan. In addition, relative to the overall mortgage rate, the level of credit depends on the borrower’s creditworthiness. If the borrower’s credit is good, the assets are adequate and the work is stable, the mortgage rate of the mortgage can be increased accordingly.
Two, the mortgage rate factors affecting the loan maturity
Mortgage mortgage rate will be affected by the borrower’s credit status, and in addition, the loan period will also have a corresponding impact. Generally speaking, the longer the duration of the loan, the higher the interest rate of the loan, and the change in mortgage rates, different lending institutions have different rules, the borrower may ask the relevant lending institutions in advance.
First, the degree of creditworthiness of the factors affecting mortgage rates

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