You may not believe it, cows can mortgage!

Mortgage loans are familiar to everyone, but for collateral, today Xiaobian come to let everyone surprise!
The successful landing of the living mortgage insurance made the dairy farm get the bank loan and guarantee the normal production and management. The beneficiary of the policy turned into a bank, leaving the bank lending without any worries. Jiyuan agriculture and animal husbandry bureau relevant leaders said: “agricultural insurance benefits the country and the people, we always hope that the good thing to do, do practical things, this is really safe for farmers to do a good thing!”
Currently, the first single life mortgage insurance has been running for one year. Normal production and management of dairy farms, and constantly expand the scale of breeding, the bank as a beneficiary, but also successfully received the claims. It is reported that the insurance policy has expired, in May 2017, the animal husbandry Co., Ltd. and Ping An insurance Jiyuan branch has signed second live mortgage policy again. With the head of the local agriculture and Animal Husbandry Bureau as saying: “now the country’s preferential agricultural policy is so good, safe service is in place, why not take this opportunity to make a big effort?””.
May 2016, Ping An insurance Henan branch underwriting a dairy farm, Jiyuan city animal husbandry Co. Ltd., encountered a “headache” problem; the dairy owner hopes to expand the scale of operations, but the turnover of insufficient funds, plans to apply for loans in the bank. The local banks found that the cows did not have the right assets as collateral, so they could not lend normally. Ping An insurance in Jiyuan, the Ministry of Agriculture Insurance Department staff learned that this situation, the immediate feedback to the Henan branch. In Henan under the guidance of the company, Jiyuan branch actively and dairy responsible person communicate, understand the needs of farmers, and apply to the local agricultural bureau proposed living cows as assets for collateral, the bank to solve the menace from the rear. Finally, under the unified coordination of Jiyuan agriculture and Animal Husbandry Bureau, the first single living mortgage insurance in Henan was successfully landed in Jiyuan, an insurance and casualty insurance company.
The day before the casualty Henan branch joint Jiyuan Agricultural Bureau in the local agricultural insurance market in the development of the introduction of the industry’s first single breeding live mortgage insurance.

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