Secondary housing mortgage loans two or three things

1, you need to ask the loan bank to see if they agree to your two mortgage procedures.
4, after the completion of the formalities, the bank will grant you the loan on the specified date.
2, after the bank agreed, the lending institutions will understand your personal information, see if you meet the two mortgage conditions, and understand the basic information about the house.
5, the two sides negotiated a good, then you can sign a civil two mortgage loan contract.
Second hand housing and new commercial housing corresponding to the type of property, the current mortgage with second-hand housing is also common. Then, the secondary mortgage loan process is what?
Through private lending institutions:
3, lending institutions will conduct on-site visits to the housing, to see the location of the housing, supporting, environmental and area and other factors, to see whether the housing has two collateral value.
4, the investigation is completed, the loan agencies will negotiate with you two mortgage property program, specifically determine the property two times the mortgage loan amount, duration, interest rates, and service charges.
Through bank:
3, after the audit, you need to sign a two mortgage contract with the bank, and for the loan contract notarized procedures.
6, after the signing of the contract, the staff of the loan agency will accompany you to the housing authority for two mortgage registration procedures, do not forget to prepare the relevant information.
1, first of all need to submit two mortgage loans to the bank for a bank, agreed to handle two mortgage procedures, and bank loans is here before you apply for a bank loan, because the same property can not be mortgaged to the bank for different.
2, after the application, you need to submit the necessary information for the loan to the bank, the bank will review your information, after the audit will tell you the results.

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