How do you use a car mortgage, you know?

3, loan institutions initial loan amount;
1. The loan institution receives the information provided by the applicant;
2, in terms of value, the general requirements of bare prices more than 50 thousand yuan, and some lenders demand much higher provisions, bare prices not less than 150 thousand yuan.
6, lending.
5, the applicant lending institutions custody related documents;
2, the applicant for home visits, surveys and estimates of vehicle value;
1, in terms of the license, most lenders require local licenses, but there are also a few institutions can accept other parts of the vehicle license, and foreign vehicles usually have to guard to loan.
4, in terms of type, the loan company will require the car to be a family car or a non operating vehicle under 9.
A car mortgage is a loan made by a borrower or third person’s car or a car purchase as collateral to a financial institution or an automobile consumer loan company. Then, how to use the car mortgage?
4, apply for notarization;
The car mortgage process is as follows:
3, in terms of age, the general requirement is the longest not more than 5 years. Some loan companies have higher requirements, requiring the longest car age not more than 4 years.
Does the car mortgage require the car?

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