The mortgage loan process is fully broadcast

4, mortgage property ownership certificate;
The last step is the loan, the loan of stone in mind, landing, but still remember to pay on time Oh! Avoid overdue interest penalty and cause personal credit damage.
After the bank loan application materials under your will, the authenticity of the materials for you and your personal loan meets the requirements of general audit, the audit process is very strict, suggest you when to apply for loans not to loan through the use of false personal information, don’t want to fish in troubled waters, lenders are not a fool and be found false or loan conditions do not conform to the standard, is not through the loan application. If the loan is approved, the bank will notify you of the mortgage procedure and the loan contract. ,
4 general loan institutions in particular, banks are required to the designated or approved assessment agencies for assessment, of course, the assessment is in need of money, is generally 3/1000 to 5/1000 or so, different charges is not necessarily the same, in different regions of the charges are not the same. For example, Beijing is 400 yuan, while Shanghai is 5000.
What kind of mortgage loan process is suitable for a person who has a large amount of loan or has a poor personal credit record?
3, loan use certificate or statement;
1, borrowers and their spouses valid identity documents, residence booklet, marriage certificate (single dog single proof);
6 Lenders
The application materials must be available. Different institutions may require different mortgage requirements, but the basic information is the same, as follows:
1 is the first choice of mortgage lenders, banks generally lower interest rates, real estate mortgage loan is safe and reliable choice, but if you compare the urgent need of money, some lenders are also a good choice.
5 other documents or materials required by the lending institution.
3 preliminary audit
At this stage we need loans to people who basically did what, mainly banks see a very important process in the loan approval, bank loans or institutions will be the basic material for the pay up before we make a preliminary review, if they meet the requirements, the next step, if not, sorry. Or think of other ways.
2, personal income certificate;
5 loan review
2 write applications and submit materials

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