Chengdu housing mortgage loan Raiders

2. mortgagor (age normal 18-65 years old) and physically sound
1., the nature of housing; residential, office buildings, villas, commercial housing, cost housing, affordable housing (economic requirements of housing), and clear property rights within 20 years
5. bank lending
3. mortgages for nearly 24 months shall not be compromised 6
2. proof and copy of the marital status of the borrower
4., the mortgagor can prove the source of repayment and other assets (large certificates of deposit, two sets of property, stocks, funds, etc.)
6. families, private lending and other evidence
4. major banks account for nearly 6 to 12 months of statements (stamped with bank chapters)
Chengdu personal mortgages and other banks for mortgage loans are basically the same conditions, the bank collateral requirements are clear property rights, sufficient value, and can be traded and other characteristics, such as property, vehicles, etc.;
Three, the mortgage process:
2. sign bank documents
1. submission of materials
5. the actual use is clear
7. evaluation report
5. work unit income certificate
3. housing assessment
6. mortgage registration
7. monthly owing on the loan
4. bank audit through
3. family property, car ownership documents and photocopies, other asset certification (housing ownership, land use permits, the original and copy of the deed)
Two. Prepare information:
1. borrowers and spouses identity cards, residence of the original and copy (such as single, need to open a single proof)
I. application conditions for housing mortgage loans:

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