Fuzhou mortgage process details

2, housing appraisal with identity certificates, housing permits to assess the company’s mortgage housing assessment, pay attention to this point, banks have their own designated assessment company; assessment of the admissibility of the company issued an assessment report.
Fuzhou mortgage loan process:
5, mortgage registration with identity card, loan contract, property right certificate to the housing department to apply for a mortgage, the housing department after accepting mortgage registration, issued the certificate of other rights, with his right certificate to the bank to take a loan.
I believe a lot of friends in Fuzhou will appear when the capital turnover difficult, so if you hold a suite, this suite can be secured in the bank to obtain the corresponding loan, then by Xiaobian take you to learn about Fuzhou housing mortgage loan process.
4, the bank approved the bank accepted, verify the authenticity of the material, to the business site to view, reported to the higher level bank approval, the higher line verification, approval of the loan.
1, prepare materials, first of all, the two sides of the identity of the husband and wife, household registration, marriage certificate, housing permits, land certificates (or copies), industrial and commercial licenses, tax registration certificate, the bank’s capital flow, and so ready.
3, apply for a loan with the couple’s identity, account of the marriage certificate, property right certificate, land certificate (or copy), business license, tax registration certificate, the bank’s capital flow, the assessment report to the bank for a loan, the loan contract signed.

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