Xi’an mortgage loan process and precautions

2., after the assessment of the above materials submitted by the bank, according to the submitted materials, collateral property on the field investigation, assessment. Each link is an important part of the real estate mortgage loan process, this process directly determines your housing mortgage loan amount, in general, the evaluation and the market price will be a little different, there will be a little different, this is because the assessment agencies consider a lot of factors.
Everyone has the time to worry about money, this time the loan will be able to solve the problem, if the name of the property, the amount of loans will increase a lot, then what are the Xi’an housing mortgage notes?
3. for all loans and loans will be data evaluation report or appraised opinion books sent to the bank for approval. At this point, the loan customers must pay attention to all the information prepared, if there is a lack of time, will affect the progress of the loan.
5. mortgage registration procedures
1. if the information is ready to loan personal housing mortgage loan: the need to provide, and the spouse identity card, residence booklet, proof of income, personal consumption use the corresponding contract, proof of marital status, all of the housing. If companies need to mortgage loans, the need to provide materials are: business cards, account permits, articles of association, the capital verification report of the enterprise, the purchase and sale contract, nearly six months of water, last year nearly half of the annual financial statements and financial statements, proof of assets (according to different banks offer different material).
4., the loan contract notarized, the borrower collateral, fill in the loan contract and all relevant documents, signatures, fingerprints, notarized by the notary public.

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