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6. guarantor (need to provide identity cards, residence booklet, knot (not) marriage certificate, etc.).
(5) mortgage or pledge of assets approved by the bank, or (or) the legal person, other economic organizations or natural persons who have sufficient compensation capacity as the guarantor.
2. marital status is confirmed, unmarried need to provide an unmarried card, divorced, need to issue a civil mediation or divorce certificate (note that after the divorce did not remarry);
(1) having legal status.
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7, the Project Construction Committee of its right card;
3. married, need to provide the spouse’s valid identity card, residence booklet and marriage certificate;
Two, Changsha mortgage process
(2) stable economic income, good credit, and the ability to repay principal and interest of loans.
1. the borrower’s valid identity card and residence booklet;
8, according to the situation for insurance, notarization and other procedures;
5, after the approval of the bank, notify the borrower approval results, and signed a loan contract with the borrower;
1. The borrower opens a current account at the bank;
5. property ownership certificate;
(3) contracts and agreements for the purchase, construction and overhaul of housing, as well as other documentary evidence required by the bank.
4, bank reports and approval;
6, to the project construction committee to do mortgage registration;
4. the borrower’s income certificate (for half a year’s wage income certificate or local tax certificate);
Three, Changsha mortgage application information
9. The bank transfers the loan directly to the contracted account;
2, prepare loan request information;
(4) have the full purchase price of housing more than 30% of the funds (for the purchase of the proportion of self financing of owner occupied housing and Taoxing construction area of 90 square meters, 20%), and ensure the payment for the purchase of housing for the first payment.
I. conditions of mortgage loans in Changsha
10, borrowers in accordance with the provisions of the loan contract, principal and interest payments.
3, the bank signed;
(6) other conditions as stipulated by the lending bank. Legal persons and individuals may provide personal housing loan guarantees. If the guarantor is a legal person, he must have the ability to repay all the principal and interest of the loan and to open a deposit account with the bank. The guarantor is personal, must have a fixed source of income, has sufficient repayment capacity, and has a certain amount of money in the bank.

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