The difference between a car mortgage and a credit loan, you know?

Credit lines are generally less than 100 thousand, and some platforms can only borrow 10 thousand. Suitable for smaller capital requirements. If the demand for funds is large, you can choose the car to offset the loan. Car mortgage amount is based on the valuation of vehicles in the secondary market, the amount is generally 7-9 of the valuation (bag bar, car credit amount can be 9 into). For example, your car is worth 200 thousand, and you can borrow 180 thousand.
Credit loans for personal qualifications, but has a very stringent requirements, not only requires considerable income, stable work, but also to the premise of good personal credit, borrowers in order to pass the approval of a successful loan. Just look at some publicity platform wages, as long as the ID card will be able to get loans, propaganda exaggerated, formal credit credit data platform will be comprehensive consideration of the borrower, to determine the loan or loans, loan amount.
Car mortgage, personal qualifications requirements are relatively low, a car will be able to borrow. As long as the borrower is not particularly serious bad credit situation, you can get the money, and some of the loan company’s auto mortgage business, and even the borrower’s credit is not required. But some of the requirements of the vehicle, the general vehicle can not use too long, and the vehicle is under the borrower name.
1 interest
2 conditions of application
Credit loans compared to car mortgage interest is low, the platform is different, interest rates are different, according to credit Jun collection, credit loan monthly interest rate is between 0.3%-1.5%; car loan interest rate is between 1%-3%. Of course, some platforms are on the high side or on the low side. This data is just a reference for everyone. It does not represent authoritative data of the industry. Generally speaking, a credit loan is more cost-effective than a car loan.
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Borrowing can be broadly divided into two types: credit and mortgage. Today, let’s talk about the difference between the mortgage on the car, the mortgage and the credit.

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