Housing mortgage market demand, loan business size of nearly one hundred thousand billion yuan

Because of the high threshold of bank loans and for a long time, and the rate of private financial markets without high risk pricing, between the delamination in serious condition, leading to strong market demand a lot of time due to mismatch of resources and low efficiency are not met. Insiders said that in order to cut into the housing loan market, we must break the original market model, to effectively control the risk control model to avoid the overall industry risk, market-oriented means reshape the industry pattern. The real Internet is different from bank loans business, new business form of non mortgage loans of small loan companies: low cost source through the Internet, with the help of the efficient risk control model to avoid the risk, build the credit factory mode of science and technology, standardization, scale. In this model, the mutual lending network will reduce the average annualized interest rate to below 12%, and the average financing time will be reduced to less than 48 hours.
Hou Yuxiang believes that the development of housing loan business, the core is the risk control. The selection of banks and private small loan companies strengths, and the disadvantages of the two transformation, do not review the form as a mere formality, pay attention to customer material authenticity and repayment ability; the traditional wind control mode improvement for the standardization of the pipeline mode, all aspects of mutual restriction, cross validation, through the image, leaving certificate post audit polling mode to avoid the moral risk and operational risk; cooperation with local notary public, guarantee the authenticity of the collateral and ownership dispute. At present, the cities with mutual housing networks include the first tier cities in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, Nanjing, Wuhan, Suzhou, and Xiamen.
The real Internet COO Hou Yuxiang held on the day before the media communication conference, China line and the capital city of the housing mortgage business has nearly one hundred thousand yuan scale, real credit business has always remained relatively strong market demand.

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